What is The Purpose of a Lubrication System?

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What is The Purpose of a Lubrication System?

At Lubetec UK, we experts in Centralised Lubrication Systems and fluid handling equipment. With our service we design, supply and install for a wide range of manufacturing industries worldwide.

Lubetec UK has been in operation since 2004 from our office in Leeds, and all of our team have years of experience designing centralised lubrication systems for machines we provide services for. 

This means that we have a broader understanding of functionality and uses for lubrication systems than anyone in the industry, and we have the track record and satisfied customers to prove it.

But we understand that we operate in a highly specialist field, so it might not be clear what the purpose of lubrication systems are for those not involved in engineering. So, in this blog we will detail exactly what a lubrication system is, the purpose of lubrication systems, and what happens to machines that don’t have lubrication systems in place.

What is a Lubrication System?

Lubrication systems are often referred to as centralised lubrication systems. 

They are essentially systems that are put in place to work automatically, delivering the correct amounts of controlled lubricant (fluid) to specific, moving, mechanical parts within machinery.

With a lubrication system, lubricant is distributed around the machine whilst the machine is operating, delivering the necessary fluid to multiple parts on the machine. 

This is to ensure that the friction of two or more materials caused by rubbing is alleviated, with the wear that is associated with this also being reduced. All of which ultimately means less need for maintenance down the line.

What Happens Without Lubrication Systems?

Excess rubbing of elements such as chains or tracks within a machine lead to deterioration over time if not properly lubricated. 

This in turn leads to corrosion, breakdowns, and unwanted issues with the metal that makes up the machine and the machinery as a whole. 

This can disrupt operations, especially in places with machinery operating at full capacity on an almost constant basis. These disruptions are obviously unwelcomed as they lead to delays in production and innumerable other issues.

Not only does this cause delays, but to fix broken elements within industrial machinery can also be extremely costly, not to mention time-consuming. 

There are enough surprises in business, so having machinery break down and need repairing is the last thing any business owner needs or wants.

How Can We Help?

We are experts in the lubrication system game, and have the experience to back it up. We have the ideal solution for every application you can think of, and provide lubricants and lubrication systems to protect machinery in a wide range of industries. 

These industries and machines include:

  • Food and beverage filling systems
  • Machine tools
  • Machining centres
  • Waste management and incineration plants
  • Mining machines
  • Mixing systems
  • Cardboard and tissue machines
  • Textile machinery
  • Water turbines 
  • Crane installations

Rubber and plastic machines, and many, many more.

Get in Touch

You can use our website to shop online for your lubricants and lubrication system requirements, or get in touch with over the phone or in person at our physical store. We offer same day delivery for production breakdown situations, and you can choose a delivery date and time for your order to suit your needs.

Our trading hours for our physical shop are 8:30am – 5pm, and you can collect orders and speak to our technical team at our trade counter.

Alternatively, you can give us a call from 8:30am, Monday-Friday on 0113 246 9333 or email us at sales@lubetec.co.uk.

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