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ARO diaphragm pump is just one example of quality workmanship that is offered by ARO, the leaders in pneumatics pumps. They offer a wide range of diaphragms and piston pumps for low to high viscosity fluids. ARO benefits from an 80 year legacy of premier product performance and service excellence. ARO provides fluid handling equipment for customers and industries worldwide including the chemical, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, mining industries and more. They offer air-operated diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and packages, grease pump systems, filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLS), lubrication equipment and pneumatic valves and cylinders. ARO has the right product to meet your specific needs.

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The ARO diaphragm pump is one of the most reliable, long lasting air operated double diaphragm pumps available on the market today. The pumps provide high flow rates and stall-free operations. Their potential unbalanced air valve design prevents the stalling issues associated with other ARO diaphragm pumps. ARO has a pump to meet any fluid transfer application. Most of the ARO diaphragm pumps are Atex certified.

Why ARO Diaphragm Pumps

ARO Diaphragm pumps are probably the most versatile of pumps:

  • They are easy to install
  • Low material shear
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Portable
  • Self-priming
  • Seal-less design
  • Cost effective
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Highly flexible
  • Wide range of materials

Characteristics of a Diaphragm Pump

The diaphragm pumps, including the ARO Ingersoll rand diaphragm pump, are designed for general use. They can easily pump from clean light viscosity fluids to corrosive, abrasive medium viscosity fluids and can transfer large particles without any damage. Due to their pneumatics motor, they could be used in potentially explosive areas.

A Ingersoll rand ARO air operated diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of reciprocating action and either a flapper valve or a ball valve to transfer liquids. This pump is sometimes referred to as a membrane pump. Diaphragm pumps are self-priming and are ideal for viscous liquids.

Understanding The ARO Air Diaphragm Pump

Benefits Of an ARO Air Diaphragm Pump

  • Productivity : Maximised flow rates and minimized pulsation and air consumption equals maximum performance.
  • Versatility : Multiple porting options are available along with interface options that allow you to customize this pump specifically to your OEM application.
  • Reliability : Lube free patented differential valve both on major air valve and pilot valve, this provides reliable worry free operation, fluid on demand every time.
  • Environmentally Sound : Bolted construction alongside a wide range of material options which provides maximum chemical and leak resistance.
  • Serviceability : Modular construction, reduced parts and repair kits minimize repair time and cost.

How it Works

The compressed air is shifted from one chamber to the other, by a linked shaft that allows the chambers to move simultaneously. This back and forth motion forces the liquid out of the chamber and into the discharge piping while the other chamber is being filled with liquid at the same time.

The pumps use reciprocating elastomeric diaphragms and check valves to pump fluid. The liquid chambers are filled and emptied by fluid. That is drawn through common inlet and discharged through a single outlet. It is common for ball or flap check valves to be used, depending on the solids passing requirements of the application. These valves operate using the pressure differences in the pumped liquid. The ARO air operated double diaphragm pump has good suction lift and can handle a mixture of components with a relatively high amount of grit and solid content.

ARO Diaphragm Pumps : the best “total cost of ownership” in the industry

  • Energy Efficient : ARO EXP pumps are 20% to 40% more efficient than competitive models.
  • Downtime reduction : The mean time between failure for EXP is up to four times longer that the competitive pumps.
  • Installation/Repairs and Spare Parts : EXP diaphragms provide up to four times the life of competitive diaphragms. EXP spares include cost effective service kits.
  • EXP Total value Proposition : EXP provides the best total cost of ownership of any diaphragm pump on the market today.

Get To Know The ARO 1 2 Diaphragm Pump Range

Selection of Diaphragm Pumps

  • Expert Series Diaphragm Pumps include all the benefits of a standard air-operating ARO 1 2 diaphragm pump but with significant additional features and benefits. They are enhanced with electronic interface capability, providing accurate electronically controlled dosing. The sizes available are:
  • 1” EXP Metallic
  • 1” EXP Non Metallic
  • 1 ½” EXP Metallic
  • 1 ½” EXP Non Metallic
  • 2” EXP Metallic
  • 2” EXP Non Metallic
  • 3” Exp Metallic
  • 3” Exp Metallic with Flanged Manifold
  • Pro Series Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for general industrial and OEM installation applications. They can easily pump from clean, light viscosity fluids to corrosive, abrasive medium viscosity fluids and can transfer large particles without damage. The sizes available are:
  • 1” PRO Series Metallic
  • 1” PRO Series Non-Metallic
  • 1 ½” PRO Series Metallic
  • 1 1/2 “ PRO Series Non-Metallic
  • 2” PRO Series Metallic
  • 2” PRO Series Non-Metallic
  • Specialty Pumps will provide the same high level of performance and satisfaction but in a design tailored for your specific application. Specialty Pumps include the following:
  • Drum Pumps are perfect for removing your chemical from any 55 gallon drum.
  • Flap valve pumps are able to handle large solid parts.
  • Powder Transfer Pumps are able to pump powder products.
  • High Pressure Pumps are ideal for transfer of paint recirculation and high solid coatings, inks, adhesives, filled material, drilling grout and resin.
  • Sanitary Transfer Pumps are suitable for food processing, cosmetics, chemical additives (food grade), paint, and applications requiring quick disconnect fluid connections.
  • Centrifugal De Watering Pumps can handle a variety of debris-laden applications.
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps are used for high volume transfer, bulk unloading or refueling application.

ARO Diaphragm Pump Parts and Accessories

  • ARO offers a range of diaphragm pump parts and kits for standard diaphragm pump repairs and maintenance. Diaphragm Pump Accessories will keep your pump maintained and running while saving you time and money.
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