Grease Pump - What Is It And Why Do You Need One?

Grease pump is two simple words that actually relate to a very important aspect of a grease system. A grease pump is the “heart” of a centralised lubrication and fluid handling system, including an ARO diaphragm pump. The mechanical pump part of a grease pump for a centralised lubrication system is built on the reservoir, which can be of plastic, steel or stainless steel material. The sizes of reservoirs vary. From the main outlet connection of a pump, grease can be distributed to one or more bearings via a metering element. Several additional monitoring components can be added to system to ensure that the system is running at its optimum and that all bearings are greased. Such additional components consist of a level switch, timer, filter, controller, cycle switch and pressure switch.

Gaining A Better Understanding Of Your Lubrication System

On the other hand, a grease pump for a fluid handling system can be a mobile unit which can be manually operated or air operated. The reciprocating piston pump is mounted on a grease keg; the sizes of the drum vary between 12.5, 16, 18, 25, 50 and 180 kg. The additional components which can be added to the pump are a trolley, hose, control valve, z swivel and/ or metering gun.

When selecting a grease pump, it is vital to consider not only the application and environment but the type of grease or Trabon lube systems that you are using. The most important property of grease, which distinguishes it from other types of lubricants, is its semi–solid nature. Greases do vary from very soft or semi-liquid to hard. The most commonly used classification used for grease to refer to is NLGI. So for example, NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The main function of the lubricant such as a grease or Trabon lube, is to interpose a film between two surfaces so that they can slide without excessive friction and without damage. Many decades ago, in order to grease a bearing, a grease nipple was and still is used. This is a metal component which is used to feed lubricant into a single bearing point using a grease gun. It was then around the 1900s that a company called Lincoln pioneered many innovations in lubrication pump design. In 1940, Victor Klein invented a 2.5”air motor which led to a full stroke mechanism being built which allowed the creation of an air operated pump.

The Importance Of Getting Your Grease System Right

There are many methods to lubricate machinery in factories, plants as well as off road and on road vehicles. This can be done with traditional manual lubrication (grease nipples, oil cans, grease guns) or through a centralised lubrication or grease system (grease pump, oil pump, and spray pump). There have been many discussions over the years regarding the old fashioned traditional manual lubrication.This consisted of a maintenance person walking around with a grease gun, climbing on machinery and having to estimate how much lubricant to push into a bearing. While this provided peace of mind that each friction point was getting lubricated, it was not the most effective way. Machinery would often go through periods of under- or over-lubrication, compared to centralised lubrication which keeps your machinery in the optimum lubrication zone. Centralised lubrication systems are the most effective and economical solution, when machine downtime, parts replacement and overall costs are factored into the lubrication equation. There are many advantages of using a Trabon grease pump whether that is a manual or automatic unit. The advantages are that it prevents waste; offers better saturation, longevity, speed and accuracy; delivery is controlled and metered; the unit is self-contained; the operation is predictable; multiple bearings can be greased from one central point; and the grease is contained within the reservoir and can be refilled at any time.

Trabon Lubrication And Other Product Highlights

We have selected two grease pumps from the Graco range of products, which are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance. Graco was founded in 1926 and has become one of the world’s largest manufactures of fluid handling equipment and lubrication equipment. It has pioneered technology and equipment for a wide variety of fluid handling applications.

Graco Fireball 50:1

The Graco Fireball 50:1 grease pump is the toughest and highest performing grease pump in the industry and has been designed for the toughest environments. In recent tests, the Graco 50:1 Fireball outperformed all tested competitive pumps in the market in both pressure and flow rate performance. The high performance pump assures maximum flow rate capability when pumping heavy, thick, tacky greases in cold conditions. The key model part numbers are the following; 206405, 206699, 206700,239877, 239887, 239888, 205394, 205395, 239729, 239730.

Trabon ModuFlo Pump

The Trabon ModuFlo pump is an electric pump and a highly configurable pump solution for any application. It is especially ideal where minimising downtime is critical. The Trabon lubrication ModuFlo pump can be customised to the requirements of the machinery; you can mix and match the pumps, reservoirs and manifolds. The lubricant that can be used is oil and grease up to NLGI 2. Spare parts are available to order from the reservoir, pumps, manifold and pressure gauge. The key part numbers are, 562884, 562888, 562890, 562885, 563306, 563308, 563324, 557829, 563324.

Industry Application and The leading manufactures

We have developed key relationships with the leading manufacturers to provide you with a widest selection of products within the industry. As for centralised lubrication grease pumps, the brands available are Bijur Delimon, Farval, Denco, Graco, Interlube, and Trabon. For fluid handling grease pumps, the brands available are Graco, Aro and Raasm. These brands of products can be used in several industries such as paper, food, beverage, mining, packaging, printing and many more.

Grease Pump Brand Spotlight At Lubetec UK

Below is a grease pump product selection guide by brand.

Aro – LM Series Lube pump, Agitator, Piston pump, Chop check pump and Extrusion pump.

Graco – President pump, LD series pump, Fireball pump..

Bijur Delimon International – CLP pump, SureFire pump, Multiport pump, L100P pump.

Interlube – GX Pumps, AC pumps, AX pumps,

Trabon – ModuFlo pump, Lubemaster pump.

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