Trabon Grease Pump Range - The Reliable Range For All Your Needs

Trabon grease pump and oil pump ranges have, for many decades, been synonymous with rugged reliability. Trabon, along with Manzel, were brand names used by a US manufacturer called Lubriquip Inc (prior to October 1988 known as Lubriquip-Houdaille). In 2006, Lubriquip was acquired by Graco, who have continued to produce Trabon grease system products as well as expanding and developing the range of centralised lubrication equipment. For many years, Trabon products were distributed in the UK by the lubrication division of Sterling Hydraulics in Crewkerne, Somerset. However in 2005 Sterling Hydraulics was taken over by Parker Hannifin and the lubrication division disappeared.

The Full Trabon Lubrication System Range

The Trabon brand includes oil and Trabon grease pump ranges for various types of automatic centralised systems; but is best known for progressive (also called single line progressive) systems. Progressive distributors (sometimes called dividers or just blocks) provide positively delivered, accurately metered volumes of lubricant to the point of application. Progressive systems also allow a level of monitoring of the system’s functionality that other types of system do not. The Trabon range includes the sectional MGO, MX and MJ distributors as well as the modular MSP and MXP distributors and MD mono-block distributors. Graco have also recently introduced the CSP compact mono-block distributors which are interchangeable with Lincoln SSVs.

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Trabon grease and oil pumps include the Modu-flo and Lubemaster pumps and can be found in many industrial environments including Ford engine plants and feeding the steering gear of nuclear submarines. Pumps can be manually, mechanically, electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically operated. It is perhaps a measure of the durability of Trabon pumps and progressive distributors that many supplied in the 1970s and 80s are still working today. Trabon remains one of the best known, and most respected, names in the field of centralised lubrication. To get the Trabon grease pump that suits your needs, visit our Lubetec UK website at or give us a call on +44 (0)113 246 9333.

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