MSP Modular Divider Block

MSP Modular Divider Block

Part Number: MSP3-15S-15T-15T

  • £178.80

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    The image above represents a generic Msp block.
    The full range of MSP blocks is available please contact us as only a minimal range has been added online. As there are options to add indicator pins, cross port sections, level switch and change thread sizes on inlets as well as stainless steel versions.
    • Quick change valve sections can be removed from the base assembly without disturbing any lube lines–minimizing labor cost and maximizing your machine uptime
    • Accessories such as magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators provide positive assurance of a successful lube event
    • Alternate outlet on face of valves can be fitted with optional performance indicators, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting
    • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery, every time
    • Available in carbon steel or 303 stainless steel