MPA, Micro Pump

Part Number: 5107811E

  • £125.94


The MPA micro pump is a pneumatically operated miniature piston pump used to deliver lubricant in small, metered quantities. Supply Air Pressure: 44-103 psi (3-7 bar), Discharge: 0 to 0.03 cc, Cycle Frequency: 60 strokes/min max, Max Pressure Ratio: 15:1, Oil Inlet Pressure: Max 44 psi (3 bar), Operating Temperature: 32ºF-176ºF (0ºC-80ºC), Oil Inlet & Air Inlet: 1/8” BSPP • Oil Outlet: M8X1.

Spray Components

Lubricant Viscosity: Oil from 10-1100 cSt

Material: Material: Die cast zinc/ aluminium alloy body