IM Meter Units

IM Meter Units

Part Number: IM20

  • £5.78


Interlube IM Type Meter Unit's from Lubetec. We have a wide range of Lubrication Pumps and can help you with all your Lubrication needs. Please see below the product specification for Interlube IM Type Meter Unit's.

Thread: Connection A, 5/16" Unf, Connection B, 5/16" Unf.

The fastest flow rate is IM29. Complete with nut and olive. Flow rates double each time. The distribution of oil is controlled by ‘meter units’ which restrict the flow proportionally to each application point. They are used with cyclic or ‘one shot’ manual or automatic lubricators. Manifold mounted for 4mm tubing.

For SLR cyclic system, only suitable for oil.

Material: Brass.